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Thank you for an incredibly detailed and insightful report. Thought provoking with great action points to help me up my game!

Emma Hammet, First Aid Trainer, Speaker and Author

I instantly recognised the areas where I am succeeding and more importantly, the areas where I can expand my international speaking opportunities.

Barry Auchettl, International Vision Speaker and Author

An incredibly detailed report. Super helpful, thank you!

Kelly Teasdale, Business Marketing Speaker

Your scorecard will measure you against the 6 Elements of The Speakers’ Method


Whether you are new to the game or a seasoned speaker, confidence is key to unlocking more sales and business success. Anything can happen on stage and how you handle the unexpected can make or break your ability to influence and convert as a speaker. Find your confidence level and discover where you can better prepare.

Brand Message

How your business is seen, perceived and talked about is critical to its success and building the know, like and trust factor is vital on the path to creating raving, loyal fans. Are you attracting the right people? Is your message resonating? Determine where you stand and key areas to improve.

Signature Talk

Having a solid signature talk that is unique and enticing to your audience is the cornerstone to your speaking success and the ultimate factor in your ability to influence, sell and become known as an expert. Do you have a signature talk and if so, how effective is it? Find out how you score against the best speakers in the industry.

Get Booked

Every successful business that uses speaking as a key growth tool understands the importance ofmaking it easy to be found and get booked. Discover where you stack up and where your efforts can increase.

Pitch and Sales

The ability to turn stage time into cash through testimonials, leads or direct sales is critical to growing your business through speaking and provides the greatest way to maximize your time and efficiency, but it’s not always easy! Knowing where you are today and where you can progress can help lead to higher pricing, sales and clients.

Build Profile

A strong profile is key to getting discovered, building credibility and getting booked. It helps to establish your perceived authority and can help differentiate you and your expertise. How easily are you found? Where are your blind spots? Uncover your strengths in this area and identify where you can develop.

Discover your strengths and uncover your blind spots